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7 Rules Of Writing A Demand Letter In A Dog Attack Injury Case In California

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

If you have been injured as a result of a dog bite in California, you will most likely be compensated for your injuries and damages, largely thanks to the fact that California is a statutory strict liability state.

But there is so much that goes into seeking compensation for your dog bite injuries that your head might explode if you proceed with your case on your own. To make sure that your head remains safe and sound in the process of recovering damages after a dog bite, we invited our Los Angeles dog attack attorney to help you out a little bit.

This might sound surprising, but the success of your claim depends on how well you write and structure a demand letter. The “art” of putting together a demand letter in a dog attack injury case in California deserves to have its own book. But we know that you are a busy person and the last thing you would want after getting bitten by a dog is to spend countless hours on reading through tons of new information, which is why we asked our experienced dog bite attorney from the Compass Law Group, PC, to outline a brief guide to writing a demand letter after a dog attack in California.

7 rules of writing a demand letter after a dog bite in California

First and foremost, when addressing the dog owner’s insurance company, always use the insurer’s file number on all correspondence. This will prevent your demand letter from getting buried in a pile of unidentified and unnamed letters.

The more records and medical bills you can gather for your dog bite injury case, the better. The adjuster needs to see a complete picture of what happened and be convinced that you truly deserve to be compensated. More often than not, insurance adjusters refuse to consider demand letters which contain minimum or no medical bills and other relevant records.

Provide all of the important facts in the demand letters and conclude with a statement that the insurance company’s policyholder is liable. Although California is a statutory strict liability state (meaning: dog owners are absolutely liable for dog attacks) and you do not necessarily have to prove that negligence caused or contributed to the attack, if the dog owner was indeed negligent, do not hesitate to explain how the dog owner’s negligence caused your injury in order to increase the value of your claim.

While it is important to be as specific as possible when explaining the impact of the dog bite on your health, it is equally important to summarize your medical condition and treatment. You do not necessarily have to provide all of the details to make it confusing for the adjuster.

Still, you want to be as clear as possible when explaining how the dog bite injury affected your ability to work and enjoy your daily activities. The adjuster needs to have a clear understanding of how the injury impacted your life and why you deserve to recover damages after a dog attack in California.

Do not forget to tell the at-fault party’s adjuster that you have to repay your own insurance company for the medical bills and other expenses, if any.

Loss of income and earning capacity can seriously increase the value of your dog bite injury case, which is why you should not hold back when describing how your post-dog attack condition impacted your ability to do your job and earn a living.

Schedule a free consultation with our Los Angeles dog attack attorney at the Compass Law Group, PC to find out how to write a demand letter in your particular case. Call our offices at 800-602-4010 for a free case evaluation.

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