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Dog Laws In California

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

There are so many dogs in California that it is only time before you see one poking out of a woman’s purse or being pulled around by their owner. Dogs are these amazing creatures who emit unconditional love and have a way of making everyone around them feel special. Dogs are the perfect creatures to snuggle with and they promote exercising by needing to go outside often. If you have been dealing with any kind of emotional struggle then you may consider getting a pet.

Psychologists have assessed how dogs can be emotionally and physically beneficial to their owners. For example, people who choose to own dogs are less likely to get depressed. Pet owners also have lower blood pressure when it comes to stressful situations. A study between stress and dog ownership showed that people who were diagnosed with hypertension saw their blood pressure decrease within 5 months of owning a dog. The list goes on. People who own pets are less likely to go to the doctor and if you play with your pet then you are likely to see an increase in serotonin and dopamine which keep you calm and relaxed. Doesn’t it seem that everyone should have a dog?

Unfortunately, not every dog experience will give you all the warm feelings or lower the blood pressure. Sometimes our pets do things we never thought possible like hurting another human.

California Dog Laws

    1. It is a misdemeanor to abandon a dog, including leaving it at the vet or animal shelter.
    2. Dogs who are mistreated or malnourished is also a misdemeanor as dogs are dependent on their humans for survival and nourishment.
    3. Dogs that are left in the car must provide cracked windows to let air in on days that are extremely hot. In California that is considered over 72 degrees. If a dog is left in a car without an owner in sight then a police officer can legally break into the car to get the dog out.
    4. Service dogs are allowed in all places unless the business owner wants to pay a fine.

If you or someone you love has been injured due to a dog attack then you need to know the California Dog Laws to see if you are in the right to fight for compensation for your injuries. First, California Dog Laws follow liability statute which means that whenever, wherever, or whomever a dog bites, the owner is responsible for the dog’s behavior. The only defense the dog owner may have is that the dog was provoked, but that standard is high. Here are a few other laws to consider:

California takes dogs and dog ownership very seriously. If you were injured by a dog then you have the right to get compensation for the injuries you suffered. Our Dog Bite Injury Attorney at Compass Law Group are ready to guide you through the necessary steps to get your life back on track. Call 800-602-4010 or click here to start your free consultation with our professional attorneys at Compass Law Group in Santa Clarita today.

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