Uber Accident Aftermath: What Steps to Take
Most Uber accidents where the driver is at fault are caused by negligence. If you were recently in an Uber accident, you should consider contacting a Palmdale Uber accident attorney for more personalized guidance.
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Uber Accident Aftermath: What Steps to Take

Friday, October 12, 2018

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have become one of the most popular modes of transportation in cities nationwide. This is especially true in California, where Uber was founded. After downloading the Uber app, all you need to do is request a ride and a car will be at your location within minutes to take you to your destination. Whether you have been out enjoying yourself or are running late for work, Uber can seem like the ideal solution to public transportation.

With that being said, using Uber does not come without risks. Uber related accidents are reported frequently, and this could be due to the company’s lax regulations. Almost anybody can become an Uber driver, which leads to underqualified people driving passengers in their vehicles. This article will examine what to do in the aftermath of an Uber accident. With that being said, if you were recently in an Uber accident, you should consider contacting a Palmdale Uber accident attorney for more personalized guidance.

Uber Accident Causes

Most Uber accidents where the driver is at fault are caused by negligence. However, many believe that the frequency of Uber related accidents would lessen if they had stricter regulations. Currently, Uber only requires their drivers to have a driver’s license, a four door car no older than 15 years old, car insurance, and to be 21 years of age.

Such lax regulations are bound to lead to drivers who are more susceptible to negligent tendencies. Likely negligent driving tendencies include failing to follow traffic laws, driving while exhausted, driving under the influence, and driving while distracted by a device.

Driving while distracted by a device is especially likely for Uber drivers due to the nature of their job. The majority of their dealings are conducted through a phone. They must use a phone to clock-in, navigate to and from destinations, and arrange rides. This high demand for screen time increases the likelihood of distracted driving.

The Next Steps After an Accident

If an Uber accident does occur, there are a few steps you should always take. First, as with all car accidents, you should obtain the information of any other people involved in the accident. It is also a good idea to take pictures of the accident if your injuries permit doing so. If you are able, you should also obtain the information of any accident responders involved in the incident.

After leaving the scene, always seek medical attention. You may have underlying injuries that you are not aware of. Additionally, if you wait too long to receive medical attention, you may not be able to pursue compensation for your injuries.

When you have sought medical treatment, you may want to turn your attention to pursuing a claim. However, Uber is a giant corporation with hefty insurance policies at their disposal and pursuing a negligent driver employed by them by yourself is ill-advised. For that reason, you should consider contacting a Palmdale Uber accident attorney. Compass Law Group has the experience to stand up to insurance companies and obtain compensation on your behalf. For a consultation, click this link or give us a call at 800-602-4010.

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