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Anaheim Bus Accident Attorney

Anaheim Bus Accident Attorney

California boasts a rather impressive public transit network, including the mass transit services offered by Amtrak and Greyhound. If you live or work in Anaheim or elsewhere in the state, you may be grateful for the opportunity to avoid navigating the busy roads as a driver, instead spending your commute or other journey reading, catching up on work, or simply relaxing. Of course, choosing to travel via public transit also offers some environment benefits when compared to using your own vehicle for all journeys.

When you opt to use public transit, the driver has a duty of care to get you and your fellow passengers to your destination safely. When this duty is not fulfilled, you may be entitled to claim compensation in respect of any resulting injuries and damages.

Additionally, bus accident attorneys do not only handle mass public transit crashes, we can also represent you in school bus and private bus accidents. Contact Compass Law Group, PC today should you require any further information.

Why Do Bus Accidents Happen in California?

Generally, bus accidents happen for similar reasons to other vehicle accidents – that is, negligence or reckless driving. However, as buses are longer, bulkier and heavier than your average car or SUV, they are more likely to overturn in the event of a collision, potentially causing catastrophic injuries.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, whether it involved a public bus service or a private bus company, there are several parties who could be considered responsible. The potentially responsible parties include the driver of the bus, the manufacturer of any defective bus parts which may have contributed to the collision, the municipality, owners of a private bus company, or the driver of another vehicle involved.

With so many potentials, assigning blame after a Anaheim bus accident can be a complicated issue, and is best left in the hands of an experienced bus accident attorney, with up-to-date knowledge of the relevant legal procedures.

How Common Are California Bus Accidents?

Since 2014, a total of 69,000 bus accidents have been reported across the United States, according to the Bureau of Traffic Statistics. To provide more details, nationwide in 2015:

  • 257 fatal bus collisions occurred
  • 49 bus passengers were killed in these collisions
  • 295 overall fatalities resulted from the 247 bus accidents
  • 14,000 bus accidents inflicted injuries on people
  • 53,000 bus accidents solely caused damage to property

While it is true that bus accidents in Anaheim and elsewhere in the United States amount to just 12% of all accidents, it is not improbable that you, or a loved one, will be affected at some point. As such, an Anaheim bus accident attorney is dedicated to protecting your legal rights and securing the compensation and damages you deserve.

Entrust Your Anaheim Bus Accident Case to One of Our Expert Attorneys Today

Being involved in a bus accident is sure to have been a traumatic experience, so you should not add to the stress by attempting to represent yourself. Leave the legal procedures in the hands of an experienced professional, and concentrate on recovering from your injuries instead. In addition to benefiting from expert legal guidance and support, our legal expertise means we are likely to recover maximum compensation on your behalf.

To discuss how an Anaheim bus accident attorney could help with your case, call us today on 800-602-4010 for a free initial consultation.

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