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Have you lost a loved one in such a tragedy or have your family member has suffered an injury in a swimming pool accident? Compass Law Group, PC Santa Clarita accidental drowning attorney focuses on lack of supervision, dangerous conditions and negligent regard for swimmers calling for help.
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Santa Clarita Accidental Drowning Attorney

Santa Clarita Accidental Drowning Attorney

Roughly 10 people die daily from accidental drownings across United States, many of these deaths happening to children ages 1 to 4. Sometimes the strongest swimmers succumb to the violent currents in large bodies of water – even the undertow caused by powerful pool drains. Lack of lifeguard supervision, failing to seal off pool areas not prepared for public use and not keeping pool areas clean contribute to many drownings.

Litigating personal injuries sustained from accidental drownings is where Compass Law Group, PC excels. While the CDC statistics don’t accurately reflect deaths caused by willful negligence, many documented cases exist in California courts where property owners were held liable for pool drownings that could’ve been avoided. Trust our results-driven Santa Clarita accidental drowning attorney during these times.

Drowning Claims Take Patience

Unpredictable at worst, personal injuries or deaths sustained from pool drownings taken entirely different approaches to successfully litigate. Inadequate supervision is often the culprit, whether that means lifeguards paid for by hotels or cities simply weren’t present, or some other responsible parties some and buy a property owner failed in their duty to monitor swimmers.

A growing number of cases, however, involve hotels and other property owners who failed to seal off pools that are unsafe. Children can easily climb fences and drown, as can unskilled swimmers. Drownings can also take place in spas, especially if children find their way into the area and aren’t familiar with how to operate one.

Wrongful death lawsuits stemming from drownings must have extra attention paid to details surrounding why the drowning happen, because lifeguards on duty but lack of swimming skill could still be grounds for a claim if the lifeguard failed to act in a timely manner. Swimming pools in public settings are also supposed to have defibrillators that function properly along with first aid kits.

Our Santa Clarita accidental drowning attorney focuses on lack of supervision, dangerous conditions and negligent regard for swimmers calling for help. Being submerged underwater long may cause death, or significant brain damage if one is revived. Pool negligence is a very contentious matter, extremely difficult in many cases for the common person to bring action in court. Compass Law Group, PC is knowledgeable in negligence law and can victims or surviving loved ones negotiate settlements.

Unmatched Representation in Pool Injury Cases

Pool injury claims where clear and present danger was obvious, but the property owner did nothing to remedy the situation, qualify as negligence suits. Property owners have duty to keep reasonably safe swimming conditions for patrons who wish to enjoy such amenities, and when that duty fails, injuries or death are imminent.

We work hard to prove conditions weren’t favorable for swimmers prior to drowning. Once we’ve built a strong case, the burden of proof will shift to the defendant was then prove the drowned swimmer knew better. This defense is rarely plausible in court.

If you’re looking to bring a wrongful death claim or injury suit stemming from an accidental drowning, contact an aggressive Santa Clarita accidental drowning attorney that cares.

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Hiring the right personal injury attorney can often make the difference between getting the maximum settlement to account for your medical care, damages and lost wages or getting short changed or even having your case dismissed completely.

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