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Compass Law Group, PC wants to help victims or survivors of decedents to receive every penny their claims are worth. Working with an intelligent Santa Clarita burn injury attorney from our firm guarantees your claim is given the fair shake in court it deserves.
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Santa Clarita Burn Injury Attorney

Santa Clarita Burn Injury Attorney

Burn patients across the United States annually amass 450,000 and growing. Some victims experience mild burns only requiring several days to heal, whereas others require skin grafts and many, many years of pain management. Although numerous fires happen at home, thousands more around California happen when another party is negligent. For those suffering because of others’ recklessness, Compass Law Group, PC is here for you.

Whether started by accelerants or poor wiring, negligence is what our Santa Clarita burn injury attorney litigates. Fires kills, maim and leave devastation beyond physical pain in their wake. Victims and loved ones who want answers, accountability and compensation, rely on our firm because we’re motivated, experienced and work burn injury claims until there’s extensive evidence backing our negotiating terms.

How Burns Happen to Innocent People

Premises liabilities cause fires, and because we litigate negligent actions of property owners, our first and foremost concern is making sure evidence backing victims’ claims of foul play is preserved. Wildfires in California start many tragic blazes which can engulf homes and cause agonizing burn injuries. Property owners may fail to update wiring or breakers in apartments, which can cause homes to catch fire without warning. Employers have also been known to cause building fires, too.

So many horrible fires around this great state are preventable, yet those victimized by another’s unnecessary negligence have comprehensive legal options with Compass Law Group, PC. Clients we’ve helped over the years have received millions in compensation for burn injuries that were completely preventable, and we’re proud to have made these good people whole again. Each Santa Clarita burn injury attorney in our firm radiates excellence and compassion in litigating claims brought by victims of avoidable fires.

When we’re retained for burn-related cases, our goal is maximum compensation for medical bills, replacing lost income and whatever agonizing pain and suffering you endured at the hands of someone who wouldn’t maintain safe premises.

Don’t Get Burned by Insurance Companies

If your burns were related to car accidents or any premises insured by property owner, it’s important to note the insurance company’s interests aren’t in your recovery. Maintaining control over their finances, which often means minimizing what victims like you receive, is their primary goal. Even if victims succumb to their burn injuries, loved ones may receive something utterly useless in terms of compensation.

Compass Law Group, PC will never take an initial offer from insurers or property owners until the extent of the fire is fully investigated. Police and fire reports, witness statements and whatever camera or photo evidence we can collect will dictate where we take cases.

Burn injuries are easily the most agonizing of all injury types. And our firm wants to help victims or survivors of decedents to receive every penny their claims are worth. Working with an intelligent Santa Clarita burn injury attorney from our firm guarantees your claim is given the fair shake in court it deserves.

Consultations related to burn injuries cost nothing. Get started by contacting Compass Law Group, PC today.

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