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Manufacturers claim they stand by everything they assemble. They’ll claim the efficacy of parts is unmatched, customer support is top-notch and products that enter mainstream retail will satisfy even the stingiest customer.

Construction trades tend to be physically demanding with plenty of hazardous conditions everywhere you turn. One major danger involves power tools, including their improperly manufactured batteries and other moving parts.

Imagine starting your Samsung washer, only to have it explode without justification. Even worse, what if your Tide liquid detergent was accidentally mixed with corrosive materials which burned your skin?

Electronic cigarettes won’t provide you with cancer saving miracles, won’t make you lose hair and costs a fraction of what cancer doctor charges for services rendered.

There’s nothing attractive about sloppily mopped floors that seem to stay wet forever. Standing water can warp flooring materials, deter people from frequenting the area in question, and even cause serious bodily injuries.

Accidents involving people sliding and busting their duff may seem trivial, even comical, but they’re not. Slips and falls happen anywhere unsafe conditions exist, including an outside entrance to a building.

Any occupiable establishment, including vacant land used for events, is subject to California premise liability laws. Restaurants, retail stores, rental properties, you name it – premises liabilities are clearly defined by state legislature. Once people are injured, a foray of legal messes unravel.

Much like any business, hotels must protect their invitees. Spending hundreds to rest peacefully during long road stints means guests should be able to freely walk, enjoy pool time or any other amenity offered by a hotel.

Nothing compares to excruciating pains stemming from burns. Explosions, structure fires, even gas tanks bursting into flames often disfigure victims, requiring skin grafting and similar treatments to restore appearance back to semi-normal conditions.

There are many documented, and undocumented, drowning deaths in the United States each year. World Health Organization statistics show that approximately 360,000 drowning deaths happen worldwide, or roughly 7% of all injury-related demises.

Ridesharing platforms are still relatively infant to the world of transportation, with many kinks being worked out as each app update rolls out. Uber, responsible for millions of rides while generating billions in revenue, is the most widely used rideshare application today.

Sharing roadways with semi-trucks isn’t fun when conditions are normal, let alone hazardous. The weight advantages (even when empty) trucks have over passenger vehicles is more than enough to create death, if not serious bodily injury.

Drivers don’t wake up one morning and decide it’s time to wreck their vehicles. It unfortunately happens daily in California, however, and the aftermath can change lives forever.
Los Angeles motor vehicle accidents drivers endure are painful both financially, and physically.

Taxicabs, although not completely extinct, have tremendous competition with ridesharing apps like Lyft. As rideshare vehicles are independent of Lyft, accidents involving drivers get much hairier for at-fault drivers than the regular taxicab or vehicle accidents.

Pedestrians, provided they’re following signals and walking within the painted area outlined by cities, are completely innocent parties when they’re hit by oncoming vehicles. Numerous pedestrian accidents – over 70,000 in 2015 alone – cause unneeded injuries and even death.

In 2015 alone, the California Highway Patrol reported 251,000 vehicle collision injuries on California highways, state roads and interstates. Fatalities accounted for 3,160 of those collisions, meaning an innocent drive to work or vacation spot turned deadly for driver or passenger, or both.

Mass transit systems help streamline commuter needs from work, to school, even to sporting events. What’s designed to be heavier, sturdier and able to carry large groups of passengers doesn’t always protect its cargo, as evident in numerous accidents Compass Law Group PC has handled over the years.

Avid cyclists populate California perhaps more than any state or nation on earth. Bicyclists have special paths and painted areas where they’re legally bound to ride in. However careful skilled bike riders may be, accidents occur in Los Angeles every year because of driver negligence or distraction.

Dogs have an equivocally unpredictable demeanor to their human being owners. Sure, many people use their dogs for different purposes: seeing-eye, guarding property, showmanship, competition or simply accompaniment.

Perhaps the most horrific catastrophic injury one could succumb to involves spinal trauma. Stemming from numerous incidents, spine injuries can permanently immobilize people. This means no more income, no more living life under your terms.

It’s not easy facing an imminent paralysis. Financial instability, potential loss of life partner, extended depression and around-the-clock health care are just some things victims of catastrophic accidents who were paralyzed must face. It’s frightening, at best.

When doctors diagnose lumbar injuries post-accident, they place the seriousness of lower back trauma into two categories: high and low energy. Your lesser incidents, such as slow speed collisions or slipping and falling onto your bottom, would be examples of lower energy lumbar injuries.

Human beings have skeletal compositions divided in several unique parts. One of those sections, the cervical spine, is comprised of your first seven vertebrae, which are labeled C1-C7. When these seven vertebrae take massive impact, the chances of paralysis increase drastically.

Accidents that are expected to permanently prohibit individuals from remaining gainfully employed are called catastrophic accidents, most which occur while operating motorized modes of transportation. Life-altering accidents of this magnitude are often tough for families and friends to deal with, causing depression in victims which can lead to suicidal thoughts.

California wildfires undoubtedly account for numerous burn injuries every year. However, the U.S. Fire Association studies find that other incidents such as exploding gas tanks, faulty equipment and accidental settings contribute to personal injuries as well.

If you forcefully threw your computer against concrete, chances are it would smash and require extensive repair before usage, correct? The same holds true with the human brain. If one sustains massive traumatic brain injuries, extensive surgery and close monitoring will be required to save that person’s life.

Rivaling only Florida, motorcycle deaths in California account for 17% of all road fatalities. In fact, motorcycle riders are twenty-six (26) times more likely to wreck than other vehicles per road mile.

This list isn’t all-inclusive; many personal injury suits have been raised based on different factors that aren’t included above. Our team of Los Angeles car accident attorneys can work on cases without anything out of pocket.
We’re old enough to have the necessary experience, yet young enough to use the most cutting-edge technology and tactics, and are determined enough to fight and outsmart the other side, every time.

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