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If you are injured in a car accident, you need to find the right Car Accident Attorney who protects your rights and makes sure about the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call Compass Law Group, PC and discuss your case with our Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles.
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Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles

In 2015 alone, the California Highway Patrol reported 251,000 vehicle collision injuries on California highways, state roads and interstates.

Fatalities accounted for 3,160 of those collisions, meaning an innocent drive to work or vacation spot turned deadly for driver or passenger, or both.

No car accident ends well. With Compass Law Group PC rigorously defends drivers involved in fender-benders, recovering compensation thanks to qualified Los Angeles car accident attorneys with experience in all facets of vehicular law.

Accident Victims Can Rely on Us

Accounting for all collisions involving victims, California logged 433,231 incidents where either sober or intoxicated drivers hit and killed someone, hit and killed themselves and the other parties, or injured themselves and others. That’s one collision every 1.21 minutes.

Drivers can only control vehicles they operate, having little to do with actions of others. In car accident law, this establishes duty, or one’s responsibility to operate vehicles with skill in the space mandated by law. When Compass Law Group PC are retained as your Los Angeles car accident attorneys, our focus is fault and duty.

Fault is particularly important because we’re defending clients who generally are innocent of causing accidents. Courts still, however, must clearly know who caused the collision. Duty, of course, is common sense legalese that says at-fault driver had reasonable responsibility to avoid smashing into your vehicle.

Once we’ve verified what we already know, we begin helping victims navigate the claims process with insurers who assume that they owe you nothing more than a Coke and a smile.

We Fight To Recover Money You Deserve

Nowhere in existence will you find a ‘cheat sheet’ that says, “Well, the victim has a 1995 Honda Accord and is insured with Progressive. They get ‘x’ payment.”

The claims and settlement process is much like any negotiation process.

Los Angeles car accident attorneys from Compass Law PC have been trained in insurance law, know what the insurer’s attorney wants for his client, and knows what you deserve. Therefore, we approach every settlement claim with your medical needs, presumptive time off work, loss of vehicle, pain and suffering, and what most reasonably juries could award as maximum damages. The case gets much, much more lucrative for victims who were vehicularly abused by commercial drivers.

Understand that we’re fighting in a virtual cage with attorneys, adjusters, and whomever else the at-fault party feels like involving. But when all is said and done, our attorneys will get the compensation you deserve, period. Anything less than the best gets put into the court’s hands, who tend to award much higher amounts when at-fault drivers are proven guilty.

No Compensation, No Cost

We believe victims of car accidents shouldn’t suffer any longer than necessary. As financial costs mount, Compass Law Group PC understands that money could be tight. We get it.

Our services are contingent on results. Meaning not one penny comes out of pocket until we’ve settled your case.

Don’t wait too long after your accident to seek legal help. The Los Angeles car accident attorneys at our firm await your case and will fight until we win, period.

Types of Personal Injury Cases Commonly Brought to Compass

At Compass Law Group, PC we represent accident victims who’ve endured pain and suffering stemming from the following types of personal injuries:

Manufacturers claim they stand by everything they assemble. They’ll claim the efficacy of parts is unmatched, customer support is top-notch and products that enter mainstream retail will satisfy even the stingiest customer.

Any occupiable establishment, including vacant land used for events, is subject to California premise liability laws. Restaurants, retail stores, rental properties, you name it – premises liabilities are clearly defined by state legislature. Once people are injured, a foray of legal messes unravel.

Drivers don’t wake up one morning and decide it’s time to wreck their vehicles. It unfortunately happens daily in California, however, and the aftermath can change lives forever.
Los Angeles motor vehicle accidents drivers endure are painful both financially, and physically.

Dogs have an equivocally unpredictable demeanor to their human being owners. Sure, many people use their dogs for different purposes: seeing-eye, guarding property, showmanship, competition or simply accompaniment.

Accidents that are expected to permanently prohibit individuals from remaining gainfully employed are called catastrophic accidents, most which occur while operating motorized modes of transportation. Life-altering accidents of this magnitude are often tough for families and friends to deal with, causing depression in victims which can lead to suicidal thoughts.

This list isn’t all-inclusive; many personal injury suits have been raised based on different factors that aren’t included above. Our team of Los Angeles car accident attorneys can work on cases without anything out of pocket.
We’re old enough to have the necessary experience, yet young enough to use the most cutting-edge technology and tactics, and are determined enough to fight and outsmart the other side, every time.

Need Direction After An Accident?
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No matter who the opposing party is, they can’t outwork, outwit or outspend Compass Law Group, PC. We will do everything that is necessary to win the case, and we’re here to help victims fight back against those who injured them.